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“Helping animals and people is my passion”

“Total Feeds provides the highest quality nutrition for a wide range of animal species, ensuring their optimal health and performance. Every formula created is rooted in the 50 years of expertise of Dr. R. Harry Anderson, a renowned animal nutritionist. His endless search for the best ingredients have gone into every formula. The Total Feeds portfolio includes a diverse range of products tailored for various animals, from cattle, goats, and to dogs.”

Dr. R. Harry Anderson, Ph.D.

“Total Feeds gives me a competitive advantage”

“As one of the Top US Dressage riders in the world, I find that not only is Total Equine the best for my horses, it gives me a competitive advantage as well.”

Bianca Berktold
Member of US Dressage Team

Total Feeds Products

Toal Feeds invented a line of complete feeds for livestock and pets. Their animal feeds are made with a unique combination of products that you won’t find anywhere else. Their goal for three decades has been to find the best ingredients and make feeds that enhance the health and performance of any animal, or person, at any stage of their lives. 

Total Equine

The perfect extruded horse feed for 95% of all horses of any age and activity level. 40 lb bag

Total Equine LNSC

A lower non-structural carbohydrate formula of horse feed for insulin resistant horses. 40 lb bag

Total Equine Essentials

A specialty horse feed created for horses that have severe dietary restrictions. 30 lb bag

Total Goat

A premium extruded goat feed for all varieties of goats. 40 lb bag

Total Bull

A premium extruded feed for all varieties of cattle. 40 lb bag

Total Canine

A well-balanced and highly nutrition dog food for all life stages. 30 lb bag

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See What Real Total Feeds Customers Have to Say!


I started using Total Equine back in December. My farrier suggester it. It has already done wonders for my mare on both her coat, feet, and she won’t choke on it either. I highly suggest it!! Definitely worth every penny!


I’ve used Total Equine for years now but was just reminded how amazing it really is when I received this horse in March that was in bad shape. By May he looked like a completely new horse! I love this stuff!!


We have tried Total Equine and Canine formulas, and this feed is a game changer. Especially when you have an animal in poor weight condition from illness, pregnancy, and nursing. Use less food and help with weight gain and maintain you pets health.

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